Using Kuikwit analytics, you can comprehend
customer behaviour.

Keep track of the information that is important to your company. Keep an eye on the efficiency of your team’s workflows. With useful insights, you may optimise your procedures.

Data may help you have
better dialogues and improve client experience.

Improve your chat flows.

Check the number of fresh conversations you have in a given period of time. Find out when your agents are busy by looking at when customers contact you.

To exceed your consumers’ expectations, increase the response times of your staff through effective scheduling.

Encourage your staff to miss fewer conversations.

Find out how many of your customers depart before receiving a response from your staff.

In order to streamline your processes and boost customer happiness, compare the total number of conversations lost to the number of interactions begun and examine how long it takes to reply to new customer messages.

Boost user interaction

Recognise how users respond to your automated chat routines. Review your chatbot nodes to determine whether users are satisfied, then go on to your selling situations.

In order to boost user engagement and your conversion rate, address any potential bottlenecks.

Control your group with ease.

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Obtain useful information from your data

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