Using AI-powered
chatbots, increase Instagram sales

Automate your conversation on Instagram to improve customer service and increase revenue.

Using Instagram chatbots
to automate the generation of sales

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Send suggestions for products

Publish links to recommended products directly in the Instagram conversation using chatbots.

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Automatically collect visitor data

Automatically extract contact and order information from your customers, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.

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Use available
file formats to solve problems
in a flash.


Connect Instagram to the Kuikwit multichannel tool

Improve team communication

From the Kuikwit multichannel tool, easily manage conversations on Instagram.

  • By linking your account, you may quickly switch between live chat, Instagram, Messenger, and email. messages.
  • Transfer complicated problems to real agents, assign conversations, and collaborate perfectly with other experts on high-priority matters.
  • Transfer your sales data to Zapier so you can manage your entire sales funnel from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Instagram in numbers

You use Instagram, right?
Because they are definitely your customers!


87% of people use Instagram to research products and services


250 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily


137 million people tap on shopping posts every month


95% of Instagram users follow a business


70% of people have visited a website after seeing a product or service on Instagram

1.493 Billion

Instagram has at least 1.493 billion users around the world

Connect Instagram to kuikwit
in less than 5 minutes

There are 5 easy steps to integrating Instagram with Kuikwit, and there is no coding involved at all.

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Kuikwit's live chat:
Frequently asked questions

Yes, our Instagram integration is available on a free plan, like all our third-party integrations. You can seamlessly connect Kuikwit to all your tools!

Our integration allows you to link your Instagram account to Kuikwit, so you can manage all messages with your customers in one panel and collaborate with your team on solving customers’ inquiries. On top of that, you can build chatbots that will help you save time, automate conversations, and generate more sales.

Kuikwit Instagram chatbots can react to specific keywords, so you can use them for whatever action needed: from answering common questions to showing customers a carousel of choices once a product is out of stock.