Never miss another message
from your clients

Connect the Kuikwit multichannel tool to your Instagram, Messenger, Live Chat, and email inboxes to manage all interactions in one location.

Instantly respond to all
Instagram messages

Without involving any of your employees, use chatbots to provide immediate assistance to clients.

Automate all of your DM responses.

Answer all your Instagram messages on autopilot, without the help of live agents. Kuikwit enables you to easily set up IG chatbots that reply to the most repetitive questions for you.

Generate more sales on Instagram

Activate IG chatbots to take orders from your customers directly in the conversation, and collect their contact details.

Increasing Messenger sales

Instantly respond to any questions and create fresh leads for your company.

Automate your sales on Facebook.

Create Messenger chatbots that will gather your prospects’ details and automatically qualify leads.

Provide top-notch client support

Use a Messenger bot that will recognize inquiries and answer questions about shipping, orders, and returns.

Manage each of your email
inboxes in one location.

Take charge of conversations with ease and don’t miss a chance to engage with your clients.

All emails in one spot to be handled

To handle all of your email inboxes in one location, connect them to the Kuikwit multichannel tool.

Work along with your group

Assign emails to your operators, manage all email discussions in sync with your team, and have quick access to customer data.

Kuikwit live chat can help you convert
visitors into devoted customers.

Build trust by providing individualised communication and quick live assistance.

Immediately assist clients

Allow your visitors to contact you directly via a beautifully designed live chat widget.

40% of your discussions can be automated.

Use chatbots in conjunction with live chat to automatically respond to inquiries about purchase status, delivery procedures, and discount codes.

It's time to contact your customers
where they are since the numbers don't lie.


 of customers expect consistent interactions across channels


 of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel interactions


 of shoppers are regularly channel-hopping across at least two channels


Kuikwit multichannel tool lets you connect all your communication channels to one panel. This eliminates the necessity to switch between different channels. It also reduces the workload and costs.

Currently, you can connect your Instagram, Facebook Messenger, email, and live chat to the multichannel tool. On top of that, you can use chatbots within every channel to accelerate the response time and generate more sales.

You can easily access the multichannel tool by logging into Kuikwit and clicking on a message bubble icon in the upper left corner.